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You do things right?

Mentorship, Management & CIO Services

Mentorship, CIO Services and outsourced ICT Management - a major strong point of JMC. It empowers our clients to concentrate on their business while having their Information and Communication Technology requirements professionally taken care of! Employing ICT as a business enabler requires substantial financial and manpower commitment. If you would like to make sure [...]


ICT Strategy & Governance Consulting

Quite often business and ICT are disconnected from each other. After having a Business Strategy in place, a valuable first step to bring them closer is by embarking on a Information and Communication Technology strategy exercise. Problem Your organisation is a user of ICT as enabler/ for its business processes. You have a clear vision [...]


Solutions Architecture Design

Solution Architecture focuses on converting requirements into the architecture and design that ultimately constitute the blueprint for a solution. In that process, the solution architect usually relies on design patterns from their previous engagements, published reference architectures, and on a wide range of relevant product knowledge. Problem You have a situation that all kind of [...]


ICT Audit / Environment Assessment

Compliance is an important factor for the business success of any corporate. An independent ICT environment assessment will open many eyes. Problem You face one of the following challenges: Your annual audit brings up a number of red lights regarding your ICT enviroment You have issued a number of policies, but is unclear if [...]


Tender/RFP & Vendor Selection Advisory

Finding and selecting the right partner is a difficult task. In ICT asking for the fitting solution and finding a vendor who can reliably perform is often even more difficult. Compiling a complete and accurate RFP document is the first step for any project undertakings. In every case, including mid-sized initiatives, it is still [...]

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