With millions of active e-Commerce stores powered by WooCommerce, it is by far the most popular online shop platform on the Internet. Therefore, you can be absolutely confident that it is a not only a great system, but also a goof fit for your business.

Our e-Commerce Services

Whether you are a small start-up or an enterprise our WooCommerce solutions are an excellent option for any industry and any type of business. Designed as a plugin for WordPress, the Number One web site creation and content management system on the Internet, it’s seamless integration makes it a a user-friendly and efficient fit. In addition, its framework and scalability make it a great choice when customisation and high performance are required.

Our e-Commerce Consulting & Development delivers:

We determine, together with you, your online business objectives – That can be to enhance your “physical-world” business or build a better customer-support through a site or increase sales.
We assist with creating your online business strategies – Once your goals are established, our e-Commerce consultants will help you to identify strategies to support such goals.
We work out your online business and website structure – It is of utmost importance that there is a coherent website and online shop structure which is user-friendly and efficient. Our e-Commerce consulting specialists are always here to assist you in building the right website structure for your site.
We develop your online business and website functionality – The e-Commerce functionality can be anything from very simple to an advanced solution. Our e-Commerce consultants will assist you to determine the right solution based on your business objectives and strategies.
We do the e-Commerce website design and development – Once the design and functional preferences of your online business and web site are discussed and the planning phase is completed, JMC starts the actual building of your online presence up to stage when it will go-live with your products and services.