Solution Architecture focuses on converting requirements into the architecture and design that ultimately constitute the blueprint for a solution. In that process, the solution architect usually relies on design patterns from their previous engagements, published reference architectures, and on a wide range of relevant product knowledge.


You have a situation that all kind of vendors pop into your office wanting to sell you their product(s) but none of them actually provides you with a solution that suits your ICT and/or business needs.
There are next to no vendor independent solution architects available with sufficient experience and a wide background of technologies and products that provide you with advise inline with your requirements
In-house expertise is usually limited due to time and resource constraints. Your experts are tight up with operational issues keeping the lights burning.

Our Offering

JMC advises and guides clients looking to solve ICT platform problems with existing and new technology solutions while considering investments made. Our solution architects are highly qualified and have over 25 years relevant experience. Proven track records of many implementations assist our future clients in finding a solution that suits their requirements and their pocket.
Our consultants have extensive experience with Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, HP, Dell, Fortigate and many other commercial vendors, but also in the effective deployment of Open Source technologies.