Finding and selecting the right partner is a difficult task. In ICT asking for the fitting solution and finding a vendor who can reliably perform is often even more difficult.
Compiling a complete and accurate RFP document is the first step for any project undertakings. In every case, including mid-sized initiatives, it is still important to reliably select the right Vendor. JMC has a proven track record on selecting vendors for clients that are not only cost-effective but also support the business long-term with their strategic fit. Receiving guidance through a complex and time-consuming Tender/RFP & Vendor Selection process can save actual money.


You plan an initiative, such as an ERP implementation, purchase Cloud Services, a larger-scale IT Infrastructure project, implementing a unified communication system or plan to upgrade/renew your WAN and are looking for a suitable service provider. Or you want to outsource your data centre operations, application service and/or call centre, or intend to out-task or even outsource a whole business process.

You have prepared a technical specification document but are not sure if it is complete. You want a solution/system that addresses the need but further fits into your overall business and ICT strategy. You are not sure if there are suitable vendors in the local market and which one to trust with your endeavours.

Our Offering

Our experience in project-based development of a Tender or Request for Proposal (RFP) will help you selecting the best suited vendor for the task at hand. JMC can assist with the technical details and can contribute by discussing the alignment of the set criteria with your business strategy. It is important to have the technical criteria fulfilled but also even more so to assure strategic fit between you and the supplier.
In each case a structured process to engage internal key staff and external vendors is the solution. Adding our experience from many similar projects will help us together distilling the right expectations, fitting criteria and a clear goal of the exercise. Once submissions are in, our consultants will review together with you and analyse thoroughly. Afterwards we go through iterations with the short-listed vendors with you to finally extract the 2 or 3 for you to decide.

By adopting the above approach, you:

get a Tender/RFP document that contains your needs and fits your strategy.
increase dramatically the likelihood of finding the right vendor.
get cost transparency and a reliable timeline.
get a vendor selected that suits your requirements and business objectives.